About Us


THE BEST 24 HOUR GYM in the HIGH DESERT is a company that has successfully developed a no-nonsense, results driven culture rooted in weightlifting. This award winning design and fitness focused environment has been recognized as an internationally known brand for its commitment to health, strength and athletic performance.

THE BEST 24 HOUR GYM in the HIGH DESERT we're about actual fitness - our no-nonsense approach to workouts was built on the foundations of traditional gym culture... Today, with this prestigious awards under our belt along with globally renowned recognition from athletes around the world; it's clear why we've become one of most celebrated gyms in the world!

Our team is heavily involved in their community and closely connected with local public services, outreach programs, and other local businesses. Our culture isn’t that of these corporate gyms. When you walk in the door you’re here to work hard!

Our group assists a great deal within our neighborhood as well as works closely together with nearby general population solutions, outreach applications, along side various different homegrown business structures . This really makes it feel like part of this area where we have been building an association for over two decades now , not just some gymnasium made up by remote IT nerds who can't even do one push-up or sit-ups ! (Like those other guys)

At THE BEST 24 HOUR GYM in the HIGH DESERT, we relentlessly pursue a healthier life style through our passion for pushing our bodies to new physical heights.

Our passion for fitness pushes us to constantly work out and challenge our limits. Here at THE BEST 24 HOUR GYM in the HIGH DESERT you aren’t only joining a gym, but an elite team of individuals who are committed to leading strong and healthy lifestyles. Our amazing trainers will make sure that you break boundaries and achieve your full potential! You won't just be joining a gym, you'll join our community of committed individuals who are ready to break boundaries and achieve their full potential. Our trainers will help you get there with personalized training programs that give results!

Come check out THE BEST 24 HOUR GYM in the HIGH DESERT! We’re more than just a gym, we are your team dedicated to leading you towards strong fitness and health goals. Our trainers will guide each step of the way so that you can achieve what was once thought impossible.

At THE BEST 24 HOUR GYM in the HIGH DESERT, our facilities ensure that you have everything you need to reach the next level.

We provide personal training sessions if needed. We also offer group classes for those who are looking to become part of a team or just want some extra motivation because let's be honest- it helps! Not only do we encourage memberships at all levels but they're affordable too which is definitely something you'll appreciate about working here! We take pride in how clean and well maintained our facilities always are despite being open 24 hours- no matter what time of day there's never any wait times when using equipment/stations; the locker rooms are kept spotless as well so not having access will ever be an excuse for not getting and/or maintaining your healthy lifestyle.

Our Member


Bailey R.


I love being here, and I love the atmosphere. Fitness is like a religion to me and this is my church.

Frank L.

Apple Valley

I'm in my forties, and I've been a member here for a couple of years. Because they're open 24 hours, I'm able to workout on my schedule, when it is convenient for me. Since I started working out here, I've gotten into the best shape of my life, and all of my aches and pains are gone.

Edward C.


This place is awesome! I actually look forward to coming in to get my workouts done. The atmosphere they've created is great for working out, and the facilities are the best around.

Jordan L.


I'm a first responder, so I have to keep fit for my career. I also work shift work, so at any given time, I could be working while the rest of the High Desert is sleeping. With this schedule and need to get my workouts in, the fact that you are open 24 hours and have the largest free weight selection in the area, makes it perfect for me to come here, workout on my schedule and relieve the stresses of my job. The facilities are first rate, the atmosphere is top notch and the staff are the friendliest I've ever dealt with.